Web Page Design - Part 1

Article Written by Millard Hiner of
WhiteGyr – Affordable Web Designers
October 19, 2005

The Ideal Web Site

You build the best widgets in the world. You eat, sleep, and breathe your product and you sell enough to make a good living. However, you live in Podunk, USA, population 20,853 and you need to reach more customers.  Let us look at the possibility of the Internet. First you will need someone to design and host a web site that will describe your products and offer them for sale.  This web design firm will have to guide you the through the process of domain name selection, website design and search engine optimization.

The place to start is the search engine Google. You type in the phrase " web page design prices " and look at the results. The first company listed (out 208,000,000 returns) is Web Page Design - WhiteGyr. So why don’t give us a call?  Here is our toll free number 1.866.730.1507 and we will guide you through the confusing process of creating and publishing a professional web site that will meet all you expectations of business on the Internet.

What is a Domain Name?

This name of your web site and end in an extension, the most familiar being the “dot com” (.com) but there are many more extensions also available:   .biz  .info  .net  .us .org  .ws  .name and several other extensions.  We always encourage companies to use their business name for their Domain Name .  So a company named “Podunk Widgets”.  We would start with “PodunkWidgets.com” if  that name had already been registered we will move on to  the other extensions: PodunkWidgets.Biz, PodunkWidgets.info, etc. There are other options available too, such as: Podunk-Widgets.com or PodunkWidgetsOnline.com and the client always select the Domain Name that feels best to them.

What’s next?

Web Page Design - Part 2 will be written this week and will be published to the Internet as soon as it is available. The subject, web site themes – stay tuned.

Millard Hiner is the owner of WhiteGyr, a family owned web Design Company serving small businesses since 1999. He has over fifteen years experience in web site development. Along with programming in HTML, C+ and VB, he is a professional technical writer.

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