SunRise Policies and Procedures

At SunRise E-Commerce we strive to establish and maintain good relationships with all of our customers. We have created this short list of policies to help the customer understand what to expect from us and what we expect from our customers once a business agreement has been made between SunRise E-Commerce and the customer. Please read our list of policies and ask any questions or mention any concerns you may have before committing to any of our services. These policies were last updated on March 31, 2005 2:50 PM.

A. Search Engine Optimization Policies - SunRise is currently only offering the Introductory SEO Offer. Other SEO plans will soon be available and policies will be determined. Some of these SEO policies apply to our Dynamic E-Commerce Web Site and our Search Engine Optimized Web Site.

  • SEO Payment Policy - Payment for our Introductory SEO plan must be made in full before the start of the plan. Additional SEO services could be purchased to extend the plans duration.

  • SEO Cancellation and Refund Policy - For full refund the Introductory SEO plan must be cancelled no later than 48 hours after the plan was originally purchased. A cancellation occurring during the 3rd, 4th and 5th days after the plan was originally purchased will be a 75% refund. A cancellation occurring during the 5th, 6th and 7th days will result in a 50% refund. There will be no refunds for this plan if cancellation occurs after the 7th day. SunRise reserves the right to terminate customer relationships at their discretion and refunds will fall under the above criterion.

  • SEO Keywords and Search Terms - SunRise E-Commerce will perform for each customer a free analysis of keywords and search terms, however, additional keyword and search term analysis may be necessary and are included in the cost of the plan. All keywords and search terms will be formally agreed upon after the purchase of the SEO plan.

  • Link Campaign Policy - all customers who purchase the basic SEO offer will receive a link campaign duration of a 4 week period with link campaigning being conducted 3-4 days per week. There is no guaranteed quantity of links. Additional link campaigning may be necessary and begins at $250 per month.

  • Search Engine Submission - SunRise E-Commerce does not perform search engine submission services and relies on preferred methods such as link campaigning.

  • SEO Guarantee - SunRise does not guarantee placement into any search engine nor do we perform paid search engine submissions (this is not the same as paid search programs such as Google's Pay Per Click programs). Also search engine optimization results may take 3 weeks to 8 months to take effect and SunRise E-Commerce is not responsible for and has no control over this time line.

  • SunRise SEO Spam Policy - SunRise takes SEO seriously and relies on current search engine trends throughout the entire optimization process. Under no circumstances will we use spam techniques such as doorway pages or hidden text methods. Please don't ask us to perform these Black hat spam SEO procedures. Sunrise reserves the right to terminate relationships with any customer partaking in any of these spam techniques.

B. Web Site and E-Commerce Plan Policies - We currently offer three web site plans and are all covered in this section.

  • Basic Brochure Web Site Payment Policy - Payment for our Basic Brochure Web Site will be made in full before the start of the web site design process. If revisions or upgrades are made to the web sites design after the initial web site design agreement charges will apply. After the completion of the web site the customer will be charged for any revisions or upgrades - unless the customer and SunRise have a formal updating agreement.

  • Search Engine Optimized Web Site and Dynamic E-Commerce Web Site Payment Policy - Payments for these websites may be made in full or in a minimum of two payments. The first payment at the beginning of the design process and the final payment must be made at the projects completion. The web site will not be turned over to the customer's possession until the final payment is made.

  • Web Site Content - The customer must produce SunRise all photos and text to be included in the web site design. SunRise can provide some of these services at an additional charge to the customer.

  • Search Engine Optimized Web Site and Dynamic E-Commerce Web Site SEO Policy - These web sites come with complete SEO onsite requirements built in. A 4 week link campaign will follow the completion of the web site with link campaigning being conducted 3-4 days per week.

  • Web Site Cancellation and Refund Policy - The web site must be cancelled within 48 hours for a full refund. Cancellations after the 48 hour period will result in a refund determined by deducting the cost of the services performed by SunRise E-Commerce.

  • Domain Name and Hosting Policy for all Web Sites - Unless indicated, web site and e-commerce design prices do not include hosting and domain name purchases. The customer must purchase these services annually. SunRise will make hosting and domain name recommendations and could assist the customer with their initial domain name and hosting purchase but the cost will be passed onto the final cost of the web site design.