Do It Yourself Internet Marketing

Our Expertise - We Pass It On
Internet Marketing You Can Do Yourself
There is a lot to know about managing a successful Internet marketing campaign, but if you have a well structured search marketing strategy and several hours per week, or month, you can successfully manage your own campaign. And by integrating your search marketing program into a long-term marketing plan, over the course of one or two years you could be well ahead of your competition with a well optimized high converting Internet presence. And managing the campaign yourself could save thousands of dollars over the course of months with the added assurance that your campaign is as successful as any agency managed campaign.

We Develop the Strategy
Depending on your business needs, our strategy may consist of simple search engine optimization and a Google Adwords campaign, or an all encompassing Internet marketing campaign built on interactive social media advertising, link building and viral traffic optimization strategies such as YouTube videos and blog reviews. We deliver this strategy to you in a detailed ready to launch package tailored to your resources and management ability.

You Manage the Campaign
Our promise is to provide you with a realistic Internet marketing strategy designed to reach your goals. But your success may require commitment of several hours or up to 20 hours per month of management. With your own management you'll save thousands of dollars per year on management fees, you'll have the reassurance that the work in actually being completed to satisfaction, and you'll gain valuable Internet marketing experience for future campaign development and management.