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Web Page Design Article
You eat, sleep, and breathe your product and you sell enough to make a good living. However, you live in Podunk, USA, population 20,853 and you need to reach more customers.  Let us look at the possibility of the Internet. First you will need... Go to article

Preventing Duplicate Content
Most search engines want to provide relevant results for their users, it's how Google got successful. If the search engine was to return 5 identical pages on the same page of the search results... Go to article

Get Your Small Business Found Online
Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the smartest investments a Website owner could make but there are other search engine marketing opportunities to consider... Go to article

Blogging and RSS Feeds
What's in store for us in 2006? Inspired by Google's poor search relevancy and making friends with Wall Street rather than its users... Go to article

Marketing with RSS Feeds
When RSS Feeds first came out only the larger news services and web servers invested in them. But, as more and more webmasters and marketers discover their positive effects on page rankings... Go to article